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Pipeline Construction and Maintenance

Pipeline construction and maintenance is a crucial aspect of the oil and gas industry, as it ensures the safe and efficient transportation of oil and gas from the wellhead to the end user. Empire Integrity Services, LLC has a team of experienced professionals who are skilled in all aspects of pipeline construction and maintenance, including the installation of new pipelines, the repair and maintenance of existing pipelines, and the inspection and testing of pipelines to ensure their continued safe operation.

Services Provided

  • Anomaly digs

  • Cut out / replacements

  • Sleeve installation

  • Recoat

  • Valve maintenance

  • Valve replacement

  • Piping modifications

  • Hydrostatic testing

  • Pigging

  • Right of way maintenance

  • Fence repair

  • Gate Installation

  • Line locating and marking

  • Maintain pipeline markers

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